Iyanla Fix My Life

She keeps it real and brutally honest… If it stinks, she tells you, “It stinks”. She points out the flaws that one desperately tries to cover from everyone’s eyes. She makes you look at them, own them, and accept them. Iyanla Fix my life is a show that is on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. Her show is a healthy dose of positive programing with a twist.  This show does indeed expose an unattractive side to […]

VH1 presents: CrazySexyCool the TLC biopic

Whenever I think of “Legendary girl groups” TLC is always in the top 5 somewhere around The Supremes and Destiny’s Child. They were the ultimate blend of talent, beauty, consciousness, and originality. We watched them burst onto the music scene bubbly-eyed and green in the early 90’s. Throughout their stent in the music industry,we have witnessed them transition from  little girls to grown women. They did this all while battling abuse, raging tempers, conflict, bankruptcy, […]

Why does race matter?

There is just way too much energy hitting the planet in 2013. Tensions are rising from nearly everything. Nothing is off limits. Whether it’s gas prices, the cost of living, or new laws and legislation that we aren’t aware of; the pressure keeps on building and building. Most recently, after the Trayvon Martin verdict, I have witnessed several effects that leaves me scratching my head. On one note, I am seeing more Jim Crow-like convictions, […]

Atlanta: Poetry and Politics

UWhen I was 12 years old, my grandfather (papi) died. The only thing that helped me to get through  the reality of his passing was poetry. I don’t remember the exact day or moment that I started writing… I just couldn’t grieve and act a fool like my other family members did at the funeral. When I was too weak to speak, I found my strength to keep it together somewhere deep within  through words […]

Kevin Hart’s “Let me Explain”

Who would have ever thought that  the short shit-talker from Soul Plane would come up and not only dominate the comedic world but make us love and appreciate who he is in the process. In Let Me Explain, Kevin Hart is in the prime of his career. This is his best comedic act to date. He makes you laugh until you cry. People thought that “Laugh at my Pain” was major… No sir, no ma’am, […]

You ARE Valuable

You ARE  Valuable is a one-of-a-kind collective of monologues from women of all different walks of life. This book contains personal excerpts from the lives of some of the most established  women  from all over the country. There are: entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Single Mothers, etc.  Nothing is mildly told or left off limits. In this book, instances dealing with things like: abuse, homelessness, suicide,  building self love, and surviving grim diagnosis from society are all explored. […]

Al Sharpton inks book deal with Cash Money. What Part of the game is THIS???

  I could never hate on an individual that has any sort of book campaign (unless if you’re doing a trashy tell-all that no one cares about… That includes Superhead….). With all of the advancements made in technology over the years, actual books are dying and slowly becoming a thing of the past.  I am a journalist. With that being said, the literary world is mines. I bask in words and beautiful concepts. When I […]