Lincoln Heights

This was another great sitcom that I didn’t get into until after it was cancelled. Lincoln Height aired on ABC Family from  2006 to 2011. This show was groundbreaking on so many levels.  There was really no issue that wasn’t uncovered. The Suttons, are your typical black middle class family.  A family with both parent that actively raise their children against all of the odds in their surrounding environment, Lincoln Heights or “The Height”. The […]

No Right to bare Arms

Imagine if our right to bare arms was revoked. What would life be like? Gun laws and legislation have been a hot button topic. The issue recently came up again after  the Batman Massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  In recent years. There have been more and more massacre’s and shooting sprees. We as American citizen do have the right to bare arms now but, what if? What if they took this right away? The likelihood of […]

Netflix or not to Netflix, that this the question.

When it comes down to Netflix, I am split 50/50. I like the way they categorize their movies. I also like the large selection of  great documentaries. One thing that I have also grown to appreciate and love is that Netflix has so many independent movies. I always pick from this category. In this sense, Netflix gives a lot of independent titles the opportunities to be seen by the masses. This is divine for struggling […]

The Ninjas

I got to know the name, “The Ninjas” last year during my first time at the Upward Bound showcase at Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama. My homie Spen invited me to go with her to check it out.  Her poetry group, Guilty Penmanship were headed on the road for their fourth year. It was a night of  enrichment for the minds. Last year, I did an exclusive with the organizer Dr. Ellis as well as […]

R.I.P Kile Glover

I want to take a moment to do a special post for Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond. Tameka’s son, Kile Glover, lost his life yesterday after complication stemming from a bad accident at Georgia’s famous Lake Lanier. Kile (11) and another 15 year old companion where riding on an inner-tube when a jet ski comes out of nowhere and collided. Both children were injured. The 15 year old girl escaped with a broken arm and […]

WTF is a Molly???

I’ll put it like this: A Molly is the “Blue Magic” of Exstacy. If you have seen American Gangster, then you know what I mean.  A molly is the purest form on X that you can buy in the streets PERIOD.You saw what Blue Magic did to the streets…. I was forced to ask this question after hearing the phrase “molly” be referenced more and more in popular music. When I first heard “Molly”, I […]

Booty shot MADDNESS!!!!!!

This look like it hurts…. This looks like it will lead to future health complications… Since “ass” has hit the market, the phenomenon and craze with the lower female anatomy has only grown insanely out of  control. I can understand not being blessed in that area and wanting to do something about it but DAMN. What about the gym? What about cornbread and collard greens? What about more sex? I’m just saying…. Since expanding the […]

The Healthcare Situation

Healthcare reform has been a huge issue that has been in debate for years when it comes down to America. The fact that we are or were once considered the “Big Dog” is what this county is known for ever since it’s birth. With all of this being said, the unbearable struggle of  getting regular medical attention as needed is a DAMN shame… It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is a […]

Heroine Tech: One Institution’s crippling problem

2008 was a very rough year for me. I had just lost my job (which was barely taking care of the bare minimum), and I was homeless. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a home address and it hurt. I didn’t know where I would be staying from night to night. It was winter and I am very anemic. My body was literally breaking down in Georgia’s cold that year. I […]

Watching Revelations: Southern Baptist

Du Du hit the fan and splattered everywhere in September of 2010. Mega-church pastor Bishop, Eddie Long was accused of one of the most foul and dehumanizing crimes ever. 5 teenaged boys, ages 17 and 18 accused him of cohercing them into doing sexual favors. In return, they got lavish vacations, cars, and other expensive gifts. When this news broke, all I could think was, “I knew it”.  I don’t say that because I have […]