Darkie vs. Light Bright

It was when I hit High school that my conscious awakening slowly began. I began to look at both sides of every spectrum. I questioned everything. I wanted answers. Not everyone in my circle was experiencing the beginnings of this awakening that I was going through at that time. So, a lot of people around me couldn’t help me. A lot of people never even heard of the subject matter that my inquiring mind wanted […]

Plight of a Starving Artist at the Workplace

After having a very abasing experience today at work, I know I need to SOUNDOFF about this issue in an affirmative way. I can easily do what I know and TAKE IT TO THE STREETS, but why? I’ve grown too old for that. I’m old enough and smart enough to know that fuming or physically violating about it isn’t going to change the issue at hand. I decided to do what I do best and […]

Kinfolk: Shrimp n Roaches

  It is plain to see that: THAT THERE SHRIMP IS THAT ROACH’S FATHER!!!! I grew up in the small town on Whiteville, North Carolina. It’s located right off the waters in between Cape Cod and the Atlantic Ocean. Myrtle Beach is literally 40 miles away. I spent a lot of my childhood on that beach. Seafood was big, especially during the summertime. My grandmother would  throw these huge “Crab boil” parties. We would throw […]


I remember growing up in North Carolina and first seeing it there. It was the early 90’s. One of the teenagers in the hood, that I looked up to, walked out of the house one day wearing extremely baggy jeans sagging off of his behind. I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time. Pinewood was the first place I seen the early states of this Anti-pants/Ass-out Revolution.  I thought that this would […]

Go CHAKA!!!!

This picture of the legendary Chaka Khan surfaced online on May 21, 2012. The 59 year old Queen of Funk was photographed at the  40th Annual Fifi Awards (New York)  looking a whole lot leaner and healthier. More and more people are beginning to conquer this battle (for some of us) of the bulge. I am glad to see more and more people make the necessary lifestyle changes needed for better wellness and living.  YOU […]

Death of The Game

“The Game”, a spin off of “Girlfriends,” had unexpectedly grown to become one of my favorite shows at one point in time. This edgy sitcom originally started out on UPN network. It even survived the huge WB/UPN merger and seemed  to still be successful on it’s new “CW” Network home. When the network change happened, the show changed a little bit, but not to much, it was still entertaining. The character development and story lines […]

Could Hip Hop save Oprah or Visa Versa??

When she decided to step down as empress of day time television, people had mixed reactions.  Who was to fill her shoes? What was daytime television going to be like without seeing her in the 4′ o clock hour? She ruled this slot for 25 years. She made her audience love her personality, not to mention, she delivered some of the most exclusive interviews of a lifetime. Oprah Winfrey naturally has an amazing talent for […]

Deep Sea Horizon…. The Bullsh*t

April 20, 2010 was the day of the largest oil spill in human history. This spill nearly murdered all industry life in the Gulf Coast. Everything was hit hard from Tourism to Real Estate. All industry suffered.  The BP pipeline leaked 1000 barrels of gunky, natural crude oil until September 19, 2010. It leaked so long because they couldn’t figure out how to cap it. hmmmm…. The US did not know how they were going […]

When is your baby too old to Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world. A mother giving nutrients to her child is a divine experience. I honestly wish more mother’s would consider breast milk over formula. Studies only find how beneficial  breast feeding is to both the mother and child. I could never have an issue with a woman naturally feeding her BABY… However, while this is a beautiful experience, I feel that it should come […]