When I first saw the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I never thought that I would like K. Michelle. When I first saw her, I was like “wheeeeeeew, that’s a whole lot right there”. Now, I am damn near embarrassed to say that that was what I really felt. Like so many others, I tuned into the show that was supposed to serve as a dramatic visual of Atlanta music scene and a few of its budding and key players. K. Michelle WAS THE R&B singer that had a bad reputation for being crazy. The show gave her a platform to rightfully introduce herself to the masses and set all the side-ways talk on the table. SHE DID JUST THAT. After further watching her on the show and downloading some of her music, My mind is blown.

I was surfing (www.dapiff.com) one night in search of some new tunes. I stumbled across her mixtape, “0 Fucks Given”  Her music is just as raw and fiesty as her attitude. She snaps on a track. Her lyrics flow so simply. I listen to some of her songs in amazement. She has one of those voices that can play on your emotions and have you damn near moved to tears towards the end.  After listening to ballads like “Pate Song” and “I know you wont”, I damn near need a cigarette. What I appreciate about her is that she openly shares her testimony. She is not ashamed to speak on situations that have happened. Imagine how many women feel liberated when they hear songs  like, “When crying is easy”, ” Can’t raise a man”, and “Don’t say sorry”. She hits on a lot of issues that women face and deal. Her mixtape is titled appropriately, even musically, she truly doesn’t give a fukk.  She refuses to be silence. In songs like, ” go off” and “Medley” She spits that raw and makes you laugh at the same time. Her mixtape has something for every emotion. It’s street with an element of class. It’s gritty but it’s grown woman. In one of my favorite songs on the tape “acura Intergurl” she goes in about her bad deal she had with Jive Records. She says flat out  “You can’t tell me how to sing anymore”.

She has great musical direction. I liked the written quality of the music just as much as I like the instrumentation. It balance out perfectly. At the end of the day, I give K. Michelle’s Mixtape a 9 out of 10.  The only thing that I did not like was the fact that they autoned her voice on some of the tracks. Her voice is far to beautiful to be compromised with this program. People need to hear it all RAW.

Download 0 Fukks Given by K. Michelle