Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world. A mother giving nutrients to her child is a divine experience. I honestly wish more mother’s would consider breast milk over formula. Studies only find how beneficial  breast feeding is to both the mother and child. I could never have an issue with a woman naturally feeding her BABY… However, while this is a beautiful experience, I feel that it should come with a cut off time.

You should ween your baby off of the breast slowly as you introduce your baby to solid foods. At 6 months, your baby should be able to at least gnaw on a soft baby carrot or apple slice. I remember, a couple of years ago, a new law introduced in one Georgia county stated that  mother’s couldn’t breastfeed children 2 years and older in public. I remember watching the outrage on the news that night. Mothers everywhere were going HAM. It was like the Civil Rights Movement for mothers. There were demonstrations and mass organized feedings by mothers all standing against this law. The only thing left to do was to sing, “We shall Overcome”. Needless to say, this didn’t last too long. Georgia issued an apology and kept it moving. It’s almost as if this never happen.

The fact that women could ban together and unify for their right to feed was groundbreaking. I am fully in support of nursing in public. A baby that is… I personally feel that 2 years old is too old to still be breast feeding. A two year old should have already established a relationship with solid foods and should be using a sippy cup. This Time magazine cover made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I applaud women’s rights especially over a matter like being able to nurse your BABY (I wrote that in caps for a reason)  in peace while in public but, This is just too much. The fact that the boy is three years old and clearly should be old enough to feed himself is disturbing. I just don’t see how you can nurse a three year old without feeling some kinda way. I’m just sayin’… Like… How does a three year old let their mother know when they are ready to breast feed? That question seems odd just asking. When your child grows up, they shouldn’t be able to recollect memories of being breast fed by  mom. Am I wrong to feel that there should be a cut off time for breast feeding?