critical thinking

I always say, “If you choose to be uninformed in the information age, that’s your dumbass fault.” I say this because we are living in a time where things are so technologically advanced that it is hard not to learn or stay current, regardless if you watch television or not. It is so easy to get information. All you have to do is click. Living in the information age is both a gift and a curse. Technology is so advanced that it can backfire and be harmful to us if we are not cautious. When receiving information, we must be logical and question the subject or issue. We must also be considerate of sources. I cannot express the importance of being able to think critically, enough. You must be able to challenge what you see. What is alarming is the fact that people don’t realize that critical thinking is a skill. It is a valuable skill that we are not being challenged to use today.  I’ll begin with a basic definition of critical thinking.

The term “Critical Thinking” is made up of two words: Critical can be defined as: Important, decisive, and crucial to name a few defining terms.  When you shorten the word “critical” you have “critic”. A critic is someone who judges or critiques based off merit. A critic has standards. A critic objects when they need to. Despite popular belief, the goal of a critic is not to automatically bash. A critic or “critical” person analyzes. Thinking is just that: Thinking. When you think critically on something, u are a critic. You don’t necessarily judge based on face value, you dig deeper. You are clear and concise. It takes work. A critical thinker by far is not a lazy individual.

Example: The recent racist remarks from LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has everyone in an uproar everywhere. This story is on every media outlet right now. It’s all over so much so that we aren’t hearing about any other major national or international news right now. It’s all about Donald Sterling and his absolute disdain for black people. Last time I check racism was still real. Sadly some people will never be able to see beauty beyond skin color. As a critical thinker I question: Why is it that this man’s true feeling’s are an outrage. Why is it that this is really the only news that is getting to the people right now? Why is it that race seems to systematically come up, moreso now than ever, causing tension? Are the government and media in cahoots with each other? What is the reason for sharing this story and over publicizing it?

Critical thinking is simply asking, “Why” or “how”. It  isn’t about looking for something. A critical thinker is not a conspiracy theorist. Instead they are people that know how to think without their emotions making conclusions for them. In fact, emotions aren’t a factor at all, they are controlled.  Emotions can get us in a world of trouble especially when they are raw and we are vulnerable.  I always stress that we as a people cannot riot when our government and media purposely report information that is designed to get an emotional reaction out of people. Think about it, most riots throughout history were all triggered by something. Lets not forget, anger is an emotion.

I am convinced that society is trying to change the human race into a bunch of dumb asses. Just think about it. The majority of us here in the United States are already disconnected from the land. If every major grocery store were to get shut down, only a small percentage of people would be able to survive. We look at certain movie and sitcoms as merely entertainment when we are really being shown the truth in our faces. Without that Critical Thinking skill, we are blind and caught up somewhere in between one of the pointless distractions thrown at society to distract us from finding out how powerful our minds really are.