TUPAC BACK FORREAL Y’ALL….. That’s right, Tupac is back in holographic form… We are now… OFFICIALLY, living in the Star Wars” era. I never thought that I would actually see the day when dead celebrities would rock the house from beyond the grave.. I’m a huge fan of ‘pac. It was his early group, “Digital Underground” that inspired me to rhyme’ ( And I spit… ugh!).


As much as I love pac, I just can’t get with this one.  Like most of the world, I saw this performance online. It just didn’t sit well with me.  Tupac was literally right there in complete 3-dimensional form. He looks out into the crowd and stretches his arms out physically saying, ” I’ve missed you, gimme love.”  He  greeted both Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog then, greeted everyone at the Coachella Festival yelling, “WHAT THE FUKK IS UP COACHELLA?!” After performing his classic “Hail Mary”, he and snoop both performed “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted” side by side. It was hair-raising. It was like he never died. His body and tattoos were to perfection, he moved and worked the stage. After the performance he literally combusted into blackness, and it was over.

I ain’t hatin’, i’m just sayin’: LET THE LEGENDS REST IN PEACE…