On Monday, December 17, 2012 Viacom’s VH1 debuted it’s newest creation: A late night talk show hosted by Tiny. You know, T.Is lady. This venture is the first of its kind for the network. The idea is brilliant. I absolutely love the energy of the show. On the debut episode; Tiny, Tamar Braxton, Trina, and Claudia Jordan recapped everything that happened in 2012.. They sounded off about things like: Beyonce’s infamous pregnancy, to Honey Boo Boo, to the election.  They gave us a fair dose of fact and opinion. The show was entertaining. It was real and edgy. America literally got to see an hour of  real “black girl” girl talk. It reminded me of being in a circle with some of my girlfriends. Sometimes,  an hour of good girl talk about EVERYTHING will leave you feeling refreshed and lifted. Girl talk serves as therapy for us ladies, whether we realize it or not.

This show takes the viewers on  a whirlwind in just 60 minutes. The subject matter changes up so much, it’s nearly impossible to get bored watching. The conversation is enlightening, leaving you feeling good and even sad at some points. The energy shifted when the ladies talked about where they were when they got the call notifying  them of the passing of Whitney Houston.  Just as fast as the show took a more somber turn, the energy picked right back up. I like how they highlighted some reality shows that are positive. They also had Shekinah on as a correspondent/girlfriend as well.  She hit the streets of Atlanta to ask people if they knew what the word, “ratchett” meant. She is absolutely hilarious. What you see is what you get with her. She makes us laugh and wows us, whether it’s good or bad. People like her.

They debuted this show at a smart time and in a very innovative way.  I love the fact that the show its self is positive.  At the end of the hour, you have smiled and laughed more than you realize.  All four of these women are highly accomplishing. To see them all outside of print ads or reality television I also thought, “The Tiny’s” Award segment was hilarious but serious. Overall, I liked the show.