I finally decided to voice my perspective after sooooooo many people have asked me if i was going to talk about the whole Trayvon Martian incident on Kharmasworld. At first, I said that I wasn’t. I didn’t feel a need to feed into the hype that  I felt the media was placing on this case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a foul and f’d up situation but the reality is that this has happen. Just as Troy Davis Happen, The same as Oscar Grant, and Sean Bells. It happened and IT’S BEEN HAPPENING… It gets to a point where tensions build too much and things pressurize to an all time high. People begin to stare into the open cracks that they are force to see within our flawed “system”. They get heated, they take to to the streets, they riot

Maybe the government and the media are in cahoots with each other to start a race riot. I’m just putting that out there. At least, that’s how it trayseems. I don’t think that statement is too far fetched in 2012. Especially seeing how Troy Davis and Trayvon Martian are two huge cases where the innocent are wrongfully executed. Everyone called the bullshit yet, still no justice. We all knew that Troy Davis was innocent. That ‘s why everyone tuned into every possible news outlet available while his execution was going on. We couldn’t believe that the US government was going to allow this innocent man to be killed. A message was sent that evening. In the case of Trayvon Martian, we hear the last moment of his life as white supremacist, George Zimmerman openly shoots  Trayvon in the back, of all places.

Does democracy really even matter? What kind of system are we living under when we knowingly allow our brothers and now, our babies, to be killed? The fact that there is a recorded murder tape that can EASILY convict Zimmerman for murdering Trayvon and the smallest, most insignificant things are questioned, clearly shows that there is no real motivation to do the right thing in this matter. The fact that it took X amount of days to even charge this man is unfathomable.

Why? Why are we drawing this case out the way that we are? Why are people feeding into the “hoodie hype”?  I’ve known Geraldo Rivera was ignorant since his 80’s – 90’s daytime talk show. Remember, this is the same dude that got busted in the face on his own show after trying to mediate  between a skinhead and a black man. I don’t think the role of “peacemaker” or “mediator” is for him. This is not about your fashion sense. Are you serious? would it have mattered as much if he were wearing a letterman jacket or just a polo tee? I’ll call it how I see it, George Zimmerman was a racist who was most likely playing “neighborhood watch security” to closely. Maybe he was an aspiring Police Officer or Special Forces Agent. He went on a Power Trip and fukk up, point blank period…

sundiata5I honestly feel that they should free Sundiata Acoli and Mumia Abu-Jamal. They have both rotted in prison for over 20 years a piece. In both of their cases, there is not enough evidence to convict and a police officer was murdered. Mind you, things get really foggy when you mention bullet angles and fingerprints, and weapons…. I’M JUST SAYIN… Yet Casey Anthony walked, and shortly so will George Zimmerman. The most I foresee him getting is a long ass probation and a blemish on his record via misdemeanor. Talk about a bitter reality. This whole situation has been handled in an extremely tacky way by the authorities. When Zimmerman was finally arrested, I did not crack a smile, nor did I find this anything to rejoice about on Twitter or Facebook. His fate within this case is already filled. We the people, are merely just the audience but it is up to us to choose whether or not if we want to just sit back and watch an obvious, messed up outcome.

Racism is a huge cloud just looming over humanity. A bubble that is taking up way too much space. When is racism learned? It’s definitely some time after infancy. As children we don’t know or care about things such as racial or social hierarchy. I remember the first time I was really exposed to racism. I was a little girl living back home (NC) with my grandmother. One of my best friends just so happened to be a white girl named, Mary. She lived down the street from me in the “old projects”. We would stay the night over each others house, ride the bus together, and ride bikes everywhere. It was then that the black girls that I was cool with began to question why, ” I was so cool with this white girl.” I was about 7 years old. I knew that Mary and I were different. Her eyes were blue, mines were brown, Her hair was straight and mines was not. We knew that we were different but we never questioned it because we didn’t care. We just knew that we were best friends and we loved exploring Pinewood on our bikes.

My concern is that people are going to begin to get upset and take their frustrations to the streets.  That is the WRONG thing to do. This isn’t Watt’s in the 90’s. Technology and militia have developed tremendously since then. Be smart, realize the hype and inform.

Closing Remarks….


*I’m serious*