I wasn’t excited when the whole analog to digital switch happened. I’m a classic and old fashion type of gal. I was content with plugging my TV into the wall and using rabbit ears. When the switch happened, rabbit ears pretty much became obsolete. I was never in agreeance with this whole MESS. Why do we have to go to digital? It’s deeper than just saying, “Oh they did that so people couldn’t steal cable television anymore”. To tell you the truth, they are STILL bootlegging cable. One box don’t stop no “hook up”. What’s the real reason for this switch that did not need to happen???


I think that it’s absolutely absurd that people have to spend more money to watch television. I was happy when everything was still analog. At least you didn’t have to worry about the images on TV freezing up at random. When the big switch happened, the people suffered. This switch almost immediately cut off lower income people. The government was issuing out free vouchers for converter boxes but, they weren’t offering that for life. Buying one of these boxes will easily set you back about $50.  In addition to having to buy this bulky box (which is suspect to me), the cable companies started tripping with their rates and their quality of service. Comcast is literally the Television devil. To get cable television now, comes with way too much. So many people went from being misinformed by the propaganda to not having any indication of what’s going on. The American people have the right to be informed.