By: MusikArtLuv


Slum beautiful, driving I plum crazy
Slum beautiful, soul, but so amazing

                                       –OutKast, S1um Beautiful

This is a work in progress, an ode to my adopted city of Philadelphia. I was first drawn to this city in 2004 when the indie soul, cultural movement was in full swing. This is really cliche, but Philly called to me like the pied piper. Artists like Jill Scott, The Roots, Kindred the Family Soul, Musiq Soulchild, (and by way of England) Floetry were on the airwaves. Their talent filled up local as well as worldwide venues. I could have just settled and went to some concerts and been okay. I wanted more.  I wanted to experience the movement. I had to know why the music coming out of Philly had so much weight. That includes everything from Philadelphia International records heyday to the present. What’s in the water here? I left Philly shortly after moving there but returned in 2011. Upon my arrival back, I immediately felt the shift in demographics. Neighborhoods being gentrified, venues closed, and a lot of artists have since relocated. There are a lot of artists that are still here and the ones whom have moved still rep Philly to the fullest. As I get to know my city more, I am trying to find and understand Philadelphia’s soul.