April 20, 2010 was the day of the largest oil spill in human history. This spill nearly murdered all industry life in the Gulf Coast. Everything was hit hard from Tourism to Real Estate. All industry suffered.  The BP pipeline leaked 1000 barrels of gunky, natural crude oil until September 19, 2010. It leaked so long because they couldn’t figure out how to cap it. hmmmm…. The US did not know how they were going to clean up the mess. I remember daily news reports about  testing out several methods and honestly, I remember thinking they were all useless. Now my thing is this: After about a year after the hole was finally capped, the media began reporting that the mess was cleaned up and life for the Gulf coast could slowly return to normal. How did we go from not being able to seal up a hole  to cleaning up a mess like this in a year? What did they do to the water?

Now 2 years after the whole incident, pictures have surfaced on the internet of the local marine life. The Gulf Coast fishing industry is reporting findings of eyeless fish, deformed crabs with missing claws and soft bodies, and the most alarming: Shrimp with tumors scattered sporadically all over them. There are also reports of crabs with holes in their shells and a lot of the marine life look burned.

Once again, I challenge you to think critically. How on earth did they clean up this mess? I’ll go ahead and call it how I see it…. My bet is that there are STILL barrels upon barrels  of crude oil sitting at the bottom of the Gulf Coast, spreading around, severely altering the natural aquatic eco systems. I’ll even take it a step further to say that I bet MAD MONEY that the USDA, FDA, and what ever “important” government acronym agency doesn’t have a problem with selling  Americans eyeless fish and tumor covered shellfish.  After all, aren’t they selling cloned meat and pink slime in the grocery stores?

Before closing,  I would like to say this:  It’s crazy how scientists are intelligent enough to rig an underwater camera, at a perfect angle to show the world how  the gulf coast was literally being killed yet, it nearly took an act of congress to get them to figure out how to patch it up. Then, you really expect the people to believe that everything is ok  just to have deformed and mutated aquatic life make the headlines. Everyone involved in this whole situation needs to be fired.