It is this sadistic and disrespectful line that has me in a new state of shock…. This is Hip Hop? In the remix to Future’s song, “Karate Chop” featuring Lil Wayne, the New Orleans rapper took it to far in this one.

“Beat the P*ssy up like Emmett Til”

…You have to be smoking some sort of Molly-crack- hybrid creation for this to be acceptable in your mind. Wayne, What the hell are you thinking? You literally spat in the face of the civil rights movement  and saluted the Klu Klux Klan with this one thoughtless line. This is not artistic. This is blasphemous. To compare the unjust and gruesome demise of this 14 year old boy to how good your sex is is beyond degrading and disgusting.  That line is not crafty lyricism.  Crafty lyricism would have been referencing the name in such a way, making the younger generation (your main followers) want to go back and at least Google what you’re talking about. Hell, whether you like him or not, Rick Ross did that in  his song “BMF”. Guess how many youngins went to find out who Big Meech and Larry Hoover was just because Ross said their name… So many People forget: words carry weight. Dismissing this line by saying something like, “It’s just a line in a song, whatever.” or “People are reacting way to sensitively.” is not an acceptable rebuttal for the approval of the use of this line. I’m sorry, but you MUST come harder than that cop-out plea..

Emmett Till was a 14 year old boy from Chicago. He went to Mississippi the summer of 1955 to spend some time with relatives. On August 24, 1955 after skipping church, Till and his cousin decided to patronize the local store/meat shop, “ Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market”. It is stated that after being dared, Till whistled at a white woman. Taken as a sign of extreme disrespect, that accusation alone marked the young teenager for death. Emmett Till was later taken by two men and was savagely beaten. His body was tossed into the Tallahatchie River. One of his eyes was gouged out, he was also shot through the head and a 70lb barb wired cotton gin fan was tied around his neck to anchor his body in the river. All of this for allegedly whistling at a white woman in  Jim Crow’s south….

His mother wanted the world to see what happened to her baby. She allowed his funeral to be not only, open-to-the-public but open casket. Pictures of Till’s mutilated remains was published in Jet Magazine and The Chicago Defender. The pictures of his unrecognizable face sparked international talk and drew  more attention to what was really going on in the south. Ultimately, the two men that did the crime, got off. Protected under Double Jeopardy, the two men later confessed to the murder. Outside of his family, no one paid for this. My question is: how is this one line in the song NOT disrespectful? Not to mention, he’s relating this to sex with a woman…

Emmett Till happened before my time. I didn’t learn about his story until I hit the later part of Elementary school. I remember my teacher explaining the story to us and showing us the famous picture of Emmett Till’s battered body in his casket.  His unrecognizable face was permanently burned into my mind from then on. I remember tearing up when I saw this. My eyes couldn’t believe it and at the time, my developing mind did not understand how strong the power of hatred is. Flashing forward to Black History Month 2013 it is now okay for a Black man to equate the unrecognizably battered and abused body of Emmett Till to sex….WOW