This is a topic that gets under my skin on a whole ‘nother level….

You have to go through hell and high water now-a-days to talk to a real person. After having a virtual person attempt to solve your problem or request. I can understand using an automated system to get you to a certain point. However, the systems that a lot of these companies have adopted today are vicious. It seems like a lot of the major companies are phasing out actual live customer service interactions with their clients. So… instead of hiring more people and helping to aid in re-stimulating the economy, you’d rather have a “virtual bot” talk to your customers. I understand though, at the end of the day for these major companies, it’s about saving money and making money. Why employ an honest person in need of work?? NAW, INSTEAD, CREATE A NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE  SYSTEM TO AGGRAVATE YOUR CLIENTS OR CUSTOMERS….

What’s up with all these convenience fees to use these automated systems that are just AWFUL?? The argument that the convenience fee saves on travel is some BU$H*T… Why does Bill Matrix charge a $3.60 convenience fee just to pay your power bill? Wait, why does Georgia Power choose to go through Bill Matrix? We are living in an age where you have to PAY to pay your bills. How in the hell does this make sense and how come no one ever talks about this? I know I am not the only human being on the planet that feels bamboozled whenever the first of the month hits and the bills are due. I don’t have a problem with paying my bills but, the extra amount of money I spend on these inconveniencing “convenience” fees do add up. Not to mention, having to talk to a fake person when you know you need an actual human for help is aggravating to NO END.

I bet MADD MONEY that in five years, we as human beings will be charged a fee to breathe in and breathe out…. Everyday I think? who has died today and what kind bullshit legislation or fee will “they” create next…