Ok… I have to share this one. I am still shaking. I am still ANGRY
I ran into Kroger in Lithonia right quick with Pooh to get something. I was in there literally for 5 minutes. I get come back out to the car and damn near have to whip a bitch ass for stepping to me with my daughter in my arms. No one has pissed me off like this in a minute.



This is what happened:
I get to my¬† car, mind you this huge SUV is parked SUUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRR F’d up right beside me. I had to back out and then park again just to get enough space to get out. I try to get my daughter in the car and the chick in the SUV rolls down her window and says, “Can you please stop hitting my car, you hit it twice”. I reply, “Look at how you parked, I barely have room to get in here!” The fukk I look like? I’m getting my daughter in the car and my door softly taps hers again. Shawty got out the car!! Like really, Big Worms daughter gets out of the car and come up behind me while I am strapping my daughter in the back seat. All I could think was, “If she swing on me and I am trying to put my daughter in this car!!!
My daughter is clicked in and I stand up and straighten myself out and don’t make no rush about it. I’m not afraid of anyone. FUKK YO SIZE! She tried it. I was waiting to tag that head. Damn sitting there arguing!… I don’t know how this did not happen But…. I feel the adrenaline about to pump. You know when Ishh is about to get real and things move is slow motion for a bit. You know… When you are about to go in. Your whole body is amped.. The only thing that popped into my head was, “Okay, You drag this hoe one, for sizing you up; two, for stepping to you while you are with your 6mth old daughter; Three, for the rudeness and inconsideration. I didn’t purposely try to hit anyone’s car with the door. Who does that? She tried to show her ass too. She tried to block me while I was backing out, taking pics of my plates, trying to slick prevent me from leaving. I guess she thought she wouldn’t get hit…

Anywho, I will say this… I said that today was going to be a good day even though I didn’t make it to Chuuuuch this am. I knew today was going to be good despite the fact that I got a diagnosis on my car issue . I still said today was going to be great. However, this is that one thing that is threatening to kill my day. I am angry because I did not do what I am sadly accustomed to doing. I literally walked away. I didn’t scurry. She didn’t scare me. I even took my time.. I just can’t help but wish her blood was on my hands at the end of the day regardless of trouble… It’s messed up, but that’s real. That was disrespect on another level and I do NOT tolerate disrespect. The fact that I allowed her to walk up on me with my back facing her, giving her time to swing, then give her more time by straightening my clothes. Oh, how could I forget, she did punch the trunk of my car while I was leaving, I guess she was sending some sort of message. Ha, That was actually funny. I got an old skool, boo. You didn’t do anything but confirm that when you failed to put a dent or scratch on my car… Either way, I feel very conflicted. What would have happened to my daughter? I’m not afraid of Dekalb Co. but what about her? Then a part of me that is locked away in a blaq padded roomed in a blaq straight jacket screams until I can’t anymore ” KILL DAT BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I know I did the right thing. I made it back home with my baby. I gotta be honest though… I’M ANGRY… I wanted Blood.