The National Anthem: Star Spangled Slavery

The National anthem, or Star Spangled banner, beefing has captured much of our attention. Patriotism can be veiled as emotional manipulation. Many blindly align themselves to a red, white, and blue striped rag simply from symbolism. Francis Scott Key, the songwriter, observed a battle firsthand where the flag was flying. However, he was fully immersed in a war and highly charged at the time. What did he mean when he penned it? What did Francis […]

Jim Crow 2014

The least that I can do as a black woman is do well.  My generation is one of a few to be born under NO CEILINGS. What I mean is, Slavery was over and Jim Crow laws were abolished. I was born into the arms of a mother that didn’t have to worry about the hurdles that have been jumped before the thought of my seed making it’s implantation ever crossed anyone’s mind.  I was […]

Ganja Part One: The History and Properties

It was the fabric of  our lives at one point. Powering cars, providing outstanding nutritional benefits, a natural painkiller, paper production, the list goes on and on and ON… I can talk about the positive uses and properties of this wonder plant  for hours. I decided to do a post on Ganja (one of the many names used for marijuana) because it’s been long overdue. LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT!!! In the early days, ganja […]