CASH MOB: Black on Black Support–ATL

Black on Black support is showing signs of life. The Aboriginal American family is mastering mobilization and I absolutely love it.The Black community is finally fed up with everything that is going on. There is so much emotion… It is beautiful to see… I am convinced that Black America still has a pulse. We are the descendants of Hosea, Malcolm, and Huey. I couldn’t be any more proud to be a black woman today fighting for […]

Why we need to rebuild our communities

  I remember growing up in a small, rural town in coastal Carolina. The population still hasn’t reached 6,000. My stomping ground is the epitome of “smalltown USA”. Everyone is in each other’s business because every one knows everyone. There are very little secrets that are unknown. Even though these things may sound like “turn-off’s” or “pet peeves”, which they can be, these traits are what brought us together at the end of the day. […]

Planet Fitness Gymtimidation =INSECURTIES

Every body is different, literally. The human body comes in many forms. I could attempt to list them all in this post but, there isn’t enough listing in the world… With that being said, The whole world is not trying to lose weight, the whole world is not obese despite what statistics report, and everyone’s weight is not a major issue or source of unhappiness in their lives. How on earth did we get to […]

A Bad encounter in the Grocery Story.

Ok… I have to share this one. I am still shaking. I am still ANGRY… I ran into Kroger in Lithonia right quick with Pooh to get something. I was in there literally for 5 minutes. I get come back out to the car and damn near have to whip a bitch ass for stepping to me with my daughter in my arms. No one has pissed me off like this in a minute. DISCLAIMER: […]

B!tches on a leash?… What’s really going on

Take a good look. What is wrong with this picture? It’s funny that my first post in 2014 is about addressing this disrespectful ratchetness that took place in a nightclub on the Northside of Atlanta. What’s up with buddy holding the chain around this girl’s neck. She is “stuntin’” on a leash… Wowzers…  To be honest, I don’t know who is worse, the man or the woman in this situation. Peep the facial expressions too, […]

Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 issues a sorry a** apology

This morning, I woke up to this crazy Facebook status pertaining to an incident that happened during the Durty Boys time slot on one of Atlanta’s major urban radio station: Hot 107.9 (Radio One): “I love Music I love Hip Hop but when is the garbage going to stop…Check this out! So on the way home last night, I tuned into 107.9 radio and the “The Dirty Boys” were on the air. The Dirty Boys […]

The Maggot story is TRUE!!! -Cafe Intermezzo

This morning I was surprised when a friend that I used to work with informed me that the job that I left in February of this year finally made channel 2 news (wsbtv) for their extreme nastiness.The sun pierced through the clouds and the angels began to sing. Now people can really know what kind of “fine dining” they are buying into. I am liberated from the job now so I can drop a few […]

Atlanta: Poetry and Politics

UWhen I was 12 years old, my grandfather (papi) died. The only thing that helped me to get through  the reality of his passing was poetry. I don’t remember the exact day or moment that I started writing… I just couldn’t grieve and act a fool like my other family members did at the funeral. When I was too weak to speak, I found my strength to keep it together somewhere deep within  through words […]