Why Feminism is utter bullshit– A Blaq Woman’s Perspective

It seems like feminism is back with a vengeance these days. Donald Trump said something about grabbing women in the pussy and it seems like all hell broke loose. One thing that I have grown to learn is that emotional reactions are never good. A rich white supremacist told the truth about how he feels about women and instead of us as black women saying, “Ok, no more counting on this system. Let’s repair our […]

An open Letter…

Today, I have to say: I absolutely love the woman that I am. What’s even better is, I am looking forward to evolve into the woman that I am destined to be. On some days, the growing pains may seem unbearable, yet I thrive. For this, I am grateful. My beautiful struggle is a glorious transition. I write this open letter from a place of strength and wisdom, a place that I never knew exist within […]

Surviving Alcoholism: What it took to save my Life

Alcoholism almost always points to other issues…Mine was,  I wasn’t happy. In the eyes of others, I was doing extremely well. Everything looked great on the outside. A picture perfect, young black woman making her way in Atlanta.  I worked a regular 9 to 5, had my own place, and payed my own way. At that time,  I was the very definition of “Independent”.  A strong and independent sista that was dying inside. Everyday, I […]

No “Fence Riders” over here

A “fence rider” is not a reliable person. They play neutral for the sake of being non-confrontational. These people will make excuses for others. They have selective vision and hearing. They are not reliable.  Fence riders are dangerous. You are either Hot or Cold. Lukewarm is not an option. Fence riding is a character flaw. Fence riders are easily compromised. They create a middle ground that doesn’t require true conviction. In other words: They believe […]

The Real Thanksgiving

Like others, growing up, I always looked forward to the holidays. Thanksgiving was always a joy and Christmas was the greenest grass of them all. Holidays are supposed to serve as a time of love and family unity all in commemoration to what we have been told for years. I remember going to school for the first time and learning  about Thanksgiving. I remember a portrait painted in my head of the pilgrims discovering the […]

5 Reasons why the Black Community needs to reconnect with Courting.

“Courting”. It is a word that you do not hear today. In fact, most of us either do not know the word and if we are only familiar with the term, it is because of our elders. As time progressed, we have transitioned from “courting” to “Netflix n chill” , “cut some”, and “Chillin at the house”.  Are the days of dating with a righteous purpose over? Is everybody just horny beasts that only want to […]

The Sioux vs. The Dakota Access Pipeline

Why isn’t the situation with The Sioux and the Dakota Access Pipeline getting adequate media attention? America keeps plummeting to new lows right when some thought that wasn’t possible. I can’t help but wonder… What do we as humans really care about? Is it taking a stand for real or appearing to take a stand?  Why is it that people are slow to talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy, still? Naturally, I would expect for the […]

Dear Black women: Your ass shots wont stop White Supremacy

Black Women, stop praising your backside on social media with the Ass shots. You look stupid, vulnerable, and weak. Whenever I am on social media, I can literally count ten booty selfies in a 2-minute span. I just can’t help but wonder…  Why is it that there are so many of us who chose to honor our lower halves before our higher selves? Forget your face… I can’t help but notice the amount of women  […]

Birth of a Nation’s Nate Parker is a “Rapist” now? Ok, Amerikkka

Birth of a Nation… Nate Parker… Nat Turner… RAPE… I was waiting for something like this to happen. When I  learned  that actor/director Nate Parker wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a film about Nat Turner “Birth of a Nation“,  I thought: “Wow, I am going to make it my business to view this film”. We don’t have a solid selection of movies created for us by us that tell stories of our strength. There […]

BOBBIN @ Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss is everything that you want in a natural beauty product line.  The products are pure. There are no harsh chemicals or parbeans, and a sista by the name of Donetta Bacon made it. Just the brand itself is a testament to the magic of black women… I am more than happy to write about this company. I always say that black women are different. We are special. We are wired in a magnificent […]