Surviving Alcoholism: What it took to save my Life

Alcoholism almost always points to other issues…Mine was,  I wasn’t happy. In the eyes of others, I was doing extremely well. Everything looked great on the outside. A picture perfect, young black woman making her way in Atlanta.  I worked a regular 9 to 5, had my own place, and payed my own way. At that time,  I was the very definition of “Independent”.  A strong and independent sista that was dying inside. Everyday, I […]

True to the Code

We as people deal with one another according to unwritten rules. These “codes” and ideas  have little or nothing to do with who we truly are. These guidelines offer very little in terms of being life affirming. There are these thought processes that too many of us adhere to. We have been infected by social implants that have perverted our interactions. This approach of competition and superior/inferior has caused us to misinterpret and wrongly identify our important qualities. […]

No “Fence Riders” over here

A “fence rider” is not a reliable person. They play neutral for the sake of being non-confrontational. These people will make excuses for others. They have selective vision and hearing. They are not reliable.  Fence riders are dangerous. You are either Hot or Cold. Lukewarm is not an option. Fence riding is a character flaw. Fence riders are easily compromised. They create a middle ground that doesn’t require true conviction. In other words: They believe […]