BOBBIN @ Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss is everything that you want in a natural beauty product line. ┬áThe products are pure. There are no harsh chemicals or parbeans, and a sista by the name of Donetta Bacon made it. Just the brand itself is a testament to the magic of black women… I am more than happy to write about this company. I always say that black women are different. We are special. We are wired in a magnificent […]

My “Nigga”, My “GOD”.

My nigga. Such fuss over a word…”Nigga” is a word I use. “Nigga” is a word I will continue to use. The talk of banning the word is an emotional argument I never understood. Sticks and stones, right? It happened in rural southern Georgia, I remember riding bikes with my cousin past the nearest house. This is on a dirt road, you know: Dusty shack raised on brick stilts and slats. A pale Klan padawan […]