How black people missed the mark by crashing the Stone Mountain KKK Party

In 2016, there are some things that ‘black’ people are still doing that leaves me questioning. I often times find myself scratching my head when I hear about “peaceful protests”, “die-ins”, etc. I have grown to a point to where I realize that , I really don’t  have anything to say. However, when I saw that black people actually got together to crash the Stone Mountain Klan party or “gathering” I reacted…COME ON NOW! What was […]

Dear Harriet Tubman, I am sooooo sorry…

   Putting Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill is nothing to celebrate. Now… If they were giving those 20’s as reparations then yes, “CELEBRATION BITCHES!” The reality is this: integration disabled us, niggas are STILL demanding justice from the United States (whatever the hell that is…like colonization and slavery didn’t happen.)  We are being booted out of our neighborhoods (gentrification).  The youngins don’t  know what black nationalism is, and, niggas refuse to read. You know, […]

Survival Stages to a Woman’s Independence

“A woman’s independence” cannot be taken for granted. Some would argue that’s how humanity was established.  As a woman, you must know what it takes to survive in the world on your own.  Know what it means to support yourself. You are the designer of  life’s playbook. You have to know that YOU can survive. You have to know what it feels like to pay your way.   You are worthy of this life you have […]