Why the world doesn’t need another Biopic

Biopics seem to be on the rise these days.  It’s almost like the Reality TV craze. Once a couple of good shows emerged, Hollywood  kept popping them out. Now everyone and their mama literally has been on Reality TV, and networks have made a killing off of them.  It seemed like, we got a few good biopics at one time. Then came along Jamie Foxx’s ghostly portrayal of Ray Charles in the film Ray.  It’s […]

Why we need to rebuild our communities

  I remember growing up in a small, rural town in coastal Carolina. The population still hasn’t reached 6,000. My stomping ground is the epitome of “smalltown USA”. Everyone is in each other’s business because every one knows everyone. There are very little secrets that are unknown. Even though these things may sound like “turn-off’s” or “pet peeves”, which they can be, these traits are what brought us together at the end of the day. […]

Jim Crow 2014

The least that I can do as a black woman is do well.  My generation is one of a few to be born under NO CEILINGS. What I mean is, Slavery was over and Jim Crow laws were abolished. I was born into the arms of a mother that didn’t have to worry about the hurdles that have been jumped before the thought of my seed making it’s implantation ever crossed anyone’s mind.  I was […]

Terry Colley: Fighting for Freedom

Could you imagine being on trial and never being told of a plea deal? Your appointed legal council fails to acknowledge your existence at all and at the end of the day, you are railroaded by the system? Terry Colley has spent 21 years out of a 60 year sentence in USP Atlanta. . What’s even harder to understand is that Colley’s rights as a prisoner were violated: From September 21, 1994 to November 21, […]