Suicide: The spirit of Depression

Depression is a word that has been thrown around in the media lately. With the shocking suicide of Robin Williams and most recently X-factor star Simone Battle, a dialogue has finally opened up. What is this… “Depression” that is tragically bringing some of our most vibrant and  cherished loved ones to the end of their road? More importantly, why are there  reports of even more people losing this battle now? Depression can affect anyone. Your race […]

#2cents: Why I am disturbed by Sia’s “Chandelier” video.

We live in an age where sex is literally everywhere. The world doesn’t seem to be as childproof as it once was. Between the child murders,  school shootings, and trafficking; it is obvious to see that our future is targeted. We must protect our children.  After watching a video from Australian songstress, Sia for the single  “Chandelier” early this morning on VH1, I found myself disturbed by the display of “art” that this video was supposed […]