A Bad encounter in the Grocery Story.

Ok… I have to share this one. I am still shaking. I am still ANGRY… I ran into Kroger in Lithonia right quick with Pooh to get something. I was in there literally for 5 minutes. I get come back out to the car and damn near have to whip a bitch ass for stepping to me with my daughter in my arms. No one has pissed me off like this in a minute. DISCLAIMER: […]

Bug Chasers and Gift Givers

What are Bug Chasers and Gift Givers? When I first heard of these terms, I automatically assumed that a “Bug chaser” was someone who aspired to be like the Crocodile Hunter of the insect world. In my mind it was either that or the Orkin Man 2.0. I thought a “Gift giver” could be anyone: Family, friends, neighbors, etc. Boy, was I wrong. Well.. Not wrong, just slightly ignorant to these names.  It wasn’t until […]