Mediatakeout shows Trayvon Martin’s Dead body….

I am outraged today. I went to check out one of the world’s most famous gossip sites this afternoon. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I looked at the headlining post. It was entitled: ” MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We’ve Got the  Trayvon Martin DEATH PICS…. The poor boy was gunned down… IN COLD BLOOD!” I just cannot believe it. I guess I am naive to think that people would have respect for […]

Kroger Supermarket… Ugh, GET CHO’ LIFE

On Monday, June 10th I had a horrible shopping experience at the Kroger Supermarket in Stone Mountain, Georgia (1232 S Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30088). I arrive at the store shortly before 2pm. I thought that I was doing myself a favor going to the store at this hour because everyone is at work and there aren’t that many people shopping. I was so wrong. This was the second time that I had been […]

Hip Hop Accountability 1

“IT IS TIME THAT WE HOLD SOME OF THESE ARTISTS ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND SAYING. WHERE’S THE MUSICALITY AND REAL LYRICISM?” The influence of music is powerful. It was Lauryn Hill that made me want to read The Mis-education of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson. Along with her raw and intellectually challenging content, she had an extensive vocabulary that she was not afraid to use in her songs. Because of her, […]

Hip Hop Accountability 2

What’s up with all the, “Bitch this” and “That’s my hoe too”?  I don’t know what’s worse: women being referred to in this manor or women accepting a derogatory reference like this as respect… “bad bitch“. The cost for self respect isn’t that high these days apparently. Women are allowing their power to either be stripped away or they just hand it over. All for what? Time has been way overdue for us to examine […]