Back up off Assata

I got my hands on this book when I was a Sophomore or Junior in High School. My best friend at the time gave me a copy from his mother’s collection. I had no idea that I was being pushed into the peak of my awaking. This book opened my mind on so many levels. I tell people that this was the book that made me understand the meaning of “struggle”. Assata Shakur broke it […]

Indie Art: Don Dada

My brother put me on to this artist by the name of Don Dada from South Carolina. His talent blew me away. We headed back to our hometown from Charlotte, North Carolina watching a few of his videos on Youtube. When I saw he whipped out the pencil and took it back the high school rap battles in the Cafeteria.

The Boys II Men Old Navy Commercial

I will first and foremost start this article off by saying this: I am not hating on Boys II Men doing an Old Navy commercial. In fact, I think that this is great. HOWEVER!!!!!! Old Navy’s creative team should be fired behind the fukkery that they put out. When I first seen the commercial, all I could do was cover my mouth, which was wide open, and shake me head. All I could say was, […]