The Importance of Tattoo aftercare

I absolutely love good body art. It’s a form of expression. Tattoos have become increasing popular in regular society. Every one is getting inked at ever age and race. Your social status doesn’t really mean anything. It’s almost like tattooing has become a part of our everyday lives.  To keep them beautiful, good tattoo aftercare is a must. There’s nothing that disappoints me more than when I see what would have been a great body […]

What you didn’t know about Milk

Lactose intolerant is simply an enzyme deficiency it basically means that your body cannot break down the natural sugar that is in milk. One of the biggest myths about milk is that it promotes good bone health and density and that it is a great source or calcium and Vitamin D however, what they don’t  tell you is: 80 percent of cows have leukemia. It is believed that pasteurization kills all of the harmful organisms […]