I finally got to view the film that had stellar reviews before it was released: Sparkle. This all star cast movie is the last time that we got to see the late Whitney Houston live while battling the fight of her life: Sobriety. Whitney looked good. She played her roll naturally. Even though Whitney is now a beautiful memory that has transitioned on, I am comfortable in knowing that she was happy and content in […]

BAILOUT Morris Brown.

Last week, Atlanta’s Historic HBCU, Morris Brown College has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This was done as an attempt to save the University from closing it’s doors for good.  This historic institution has been educating students for 131 years. Whenever you ride by the campus on the west side of Atlanta now, it looks nearly lifeless and isolated.  In the 90’s it was NOTHING like this.  For ten years now, Morris Brown has been […]

Lupe Fiasco Presents: BITCH BAD

He smacked us in the head like: WHAM!!!! Lupe Fiasco’s newest record, “Bitch Bad” is one that forces you to think. I love what he did with this one. Since people aren’t to fond of books the way we used to be throughout time, he brought us a book directly out of his mind. He gave us his lyrical interpretation on some touchy issues. He makes a point in every line. A point that penetrates […]

A word from Kharma:

It is no secret by now that I have made two different post addressing a former friend that has taken things too far. I have made that very known here on Kharma’s World. As a last resort, I felt compelled to take a stand and say something. I vented on the first post, #TRUESTORY: The stalker EXPOSED. I have since went on to write a second post after a response from “him” was made on […]

Air Lebrons for $315.00??? WTF IS REALLLY GOIN ON????

I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE SHOES. I’m a sneaker chick. Nothing sets off an outfit like a crisp, fresh pair of kicks but… How much is too much??? How are you going to charge the hood $315.00 for some sneakers that are going to be considered busted as soon as the first crease forms in the toe. I’m nearly offended that he would even put them out at this rate. What gets me even more is, people […]

Nicotine vs. THC

I never could understand how the non-ganja smokers could be so closed minded. How is ganja a bad thing outside of  the ALLEGED theory of  “killing” brain cells? To be honest, that whole argument is based on a big misconception served as the excuse on why ganja is bad. To tell you the truth, ganja didn’t become a bad thing until America’s Industrial Revolution. Once America began to use other materials for: textiles, paper production, […]

KACCCCHHHHING!!!!!! The Evelyn/Ochocinco Mess

I am doing this post simply to tell the media to CHILL THE F OUT!!! I never intended to write about this on KHARMASWORLD, but after growing more disgusted with how the media is throwing a field day, an unnecessary one at that, I feel compelled to say speak my peace…. I will never condone domestic violence. Either way, beating on your spouse or being an overly insecure control freak is never okay. A  hot-headed […]

KL Presents: #TeamMemphis Got Lyrics Cypher Round 4

What I like about this cypher series is that it is showing a newer, refreshing side of southern hip hop. The visuals and production are both creative and artistic. This is the 4th installment to KL presents: #TeamMemphis Got Lyrics. Each Cypher get better and better. There’s a New Sound movement going on in Memphis…. DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND…Check it out… Footage shot by: KOV (King Of Videos) Joe Yung Spike @memphisjoegotti  @YungKee @TwuanGMobstarz @BUNKIN_VIPTEE @PromiseTMG […]

Why I FUXX with K. Michelle

When I first saw the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I never thought that I would like K. Michelle. When I first saw her, I was like “wheeeeeeew, that’s a whole lot right there”. Now, I am damn near embarrassed to say that that was what I really felt. Like so many others, I tuned into the show that was supposed to serve as a dramatic visual of Atlanta music scene and a […]

An Aaliyah/Drake Collab????

What is this?? is 2012 the year of waking the dead, for real? First it was hologram-mania. Now, this. Damn, what’s next??? How far is too far? I read one report earlier this week saying that drake may possibly be dropping an  Aaliyah album by year’s end… I don’t know  about this one. It’s obvious that he is a huge fan of transitioned singer, so am I… But DAMN HOMIE. How are you going to […]