Marta is a F’n JOKE.

I can bet mad money that quality assurance, comfort-ability, and everyday commonsense had nothing to do with developing the concept of public transportation. At least, those things weren’t factored into Atlanta’s: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Alright, comfort-ability may be a bit of a stretch. People often laugh when I say MARTA’s passengers should get a complimentary bottle of water in the summer and hot cocoa in the winter. I used to say this […]

The Reality of a Riot…

I finally decided to voice my perspective after sooooooo many people have asked me if i was going to talk about the whole Trayvon Martian incident on Kharmasworld. At first, I said that I wasn’t. I didn’t feel a need to feed into the hype that  I felt the media was placing on this case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a foul and f’d up situation but the reality is that this has happen. Just […]

Conya Doss

Written by: MusikArtLuv Top Shelf Imagine sipping on a glass of Chateau De Beaulon after a long day at work. You’re at home relaxing with the scent of Nag Champa wafting through the air. That is what the music of Conya Doss evokes for me. I wish I could say that I was hip to Doss back in 2002 when she dropped “A Poem about Ms. Doss”, but no time is as good as the […]

Hottentot Hip Hop: ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS…

The fascination with the black woman and her backside has been one that I personally remember as a little girl. You always notice the sista with the big booty. It doesn’t matter who she is: The head usher at church, your favorite school teacher, your best friend’s auntie… Vanity really is not a factor when it comes down to THE ASS. The life of Saartjie”sara” Baartman (The Hottentot Venus) is one that barely has a […]

Slum Beautiful

By: MusikArtLuv   Slum beautiful, driving I plum crazy Slum beautiful, soul, but so amazing                                        –OutKast, S1um Beautiful This is a work in progress, an ode to my adopted city of Philadelphia. I was first drawn to this city in 2004 when the indie soul, cultural movement was in full swing. This is really cliche, but Philly called to me like the pied piper. Artists like Jill Scott, The Roots, Kindred the […]

420: Stoner’s Holiday

I decided to do this quick post  on 4/20 today in my morning thoughts. How did April 20th (four-twenty) get to be the official “Stoner’s Day“? How exactly did this particular date formulate? It is Adolf Hitlers birthday and the infamous Columbine Massacre’s happened on this day in 1999. After doing a bit of research, I found the date 420 has absolutely NOTHING to do with the PO-LICE or legendary dope boys. Sorry, but we […]


TUPAC BACK FORREAL Y’ALL….. That’s right, Tupac is back in holographic form… We are now… OFFICIALLY, living in the Star Wars” era. I never thought that I would actually see the day when dead celebrities would rock the house from beyond the grave.. I’m a huge fan of ‘pac. It was his early group, “Digital Underground” that inspired me to rhyme’ ( And I spit… ugh!). But…. As much as I love pac, I just […]

Revolt: Diddy is going Digital

It looks like there just may be a new emerging trend of minority owned television networks. Hip Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is working with Comcast  to come out with a 24 hour network devoted to music and popular culture: REVOLT. This is a part of an initiative put together by comcast to get more minority network owners. Diddy and Magic Johnson are the first two celebrities to get their own stations. All I ask […]