Kharma’s Prospective:The Dr. King Monument

In 2011, in America how much has the country changed for the betterment of our people?  The Dr. King Monument was just made official with an unveiling ceremony on October 12th 2011. The monument is supposed to serve as a staple, a reminder of where black people have come from within our struggle, and where we are going (Sankofa). However, it’s hard for me to see the “big beautiful picture” this new monument is supposed […]

The Kandi Project

Kandi’s is looking for talent!! The famed Atlanta born singer/songwriter/producer/artistic extraordinaire is out to find the next  pop sensation.  You must be at least 18 years of age in order to enter, have talent, and a few minutes to go through the application process.  The deadline is October 24, 2011 so HURRY. For more info, check out: pic credit: www.

Ganja Part One: The History and Properties

It was the fabric of  our lives at one point. Powering cars, providing outstanding nutritional benefits, a natural painkiller, paper production, the list goes on and on and ON… I can talk about the positive uses and properties of this wonder plant  for hours. I decided to do a post on Ganja (one of the many names used for marijuana) because it’s been long overdue. LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT!!! In the early days, ganja […]