por Real Housewife of Atlanta‘s Porsha Stewart is pretty stupid. There is no other way to put it. The truth  is as harsh as it sounds.  Porshe had the nerve to make a sincerely dumb statement about the Underground Railroad being an actual transit service that the slaves used to get to freedom.  Never mind the work that her grandfather, the late Hosea L. Williams, did  for the civil rights of black people.  His granddaughter set us ALL back a few hundred years with just her cluelessness…

I nearly chocked on my drink when I witnessed porshe embarrass herself and her grandfather’s legacy on national television. It was painful to watch. On this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies are vacationing in nearby Savannah, Georgia. While embarking on a tour there, the ladies were brought to an actual safehouse that was used during the underground railroad. Porshe made an excellent point about educating our youth about our history. She would have been good if she stopped right there. She had to go further and put her foot in her mouth literally in the very next sentence. Below is  a clip of the train wreck.

My thing is this…. How is it that your grandfather is the late Hosea Williams and you aren’t even accurately informed on what the Underground Railroad is.  If Porshe doesn’t know anything in the world, she should at least know the basics of Black History. Then…. She is from Atlanta. Atlanta played a pivotal role to blacks in the south when we were fighting for equality. For example, the first ever black radio station in North America ( WERD) was founded here. The SCLC was founded here, and you aren’t even at least informed about the basics? Not knowing is a giant smack to the face if I ever seen one. To be honest, I hope they write her off the show. This isn’t even good ratchet programing. I find her dinginess offensive. I am humiliated for her. She is the stereotype of being beautiful but clueless and honestly, a little ghetto.

Watching her on this season is borderline pitiful and embarrassing. After milking her failed marriage to Kordell Stewart, the only thing that is making her watchworthy is the fact that she constantly embarrasses herself on the show every week. I would at least feel better if it got out that the producers at Bravo are paying her to be this dingy.  Either way, Porshe needs to get it together. Go learn about your history. –smh