I absolutely love good body art. It’s a form of expression. Tattoos have become increasing popular in regular society. Every one is getting inked at ever age and race. Your social status doesn’t really mean anything. It’s almost like tattooing has become a part of our everyday lives.  To keep them beautiful, good tattoo aftercare is a must.

There’s nothing that disappoints me more than when I see what would have been a great body of artwork but it’s faded or distorted. Tattoos serve as an artistic testament  of different milestones that mark our lives.  The healing process plays a very critical part in how the tattoo will look after it’s completely healed.  Masterminding the design and taking the pain is only half of it. Taking care of the new ink properly through the healing process is another thing in itself. It’s something that isn’t stressed enough.

Standard Rules

  1. No direct exposure to Sunlight or direct heat. This can make the ink bleed which can distort the art work.
  2. Avoid water that includes pools and jacuzzi’s . Clean it separately  outside of the bath and shower.
  3. Keep fabric away from loose fitting clothes. Fabric constantly rubbing up against the newly tattooed area can irritate the skin.

 When cleaning your new ink:

Wait approximately 2 days after the new ink has been set before you start cleaning. Let the tattoo dry out naturally. When this happens, you are all clear to go ahead and begin cleaning your new ink. Clean with clear antibacterial liquid soap. AVOID FRAGRANCES AT ALL COST. When you are finished cleaning it, pat it dry with a towel.


People use different methods when it comes down to keeping your fresh ink hydrated during the healing process. What works  best for me during the first ten days is Lubriderm lotion. I like this lotion because it’s fragrance free and it was designed to hydrate dry skin. Stay away from anything petroleum based. Petroleum based lubes will only potential ruin your new ink ( that means: NO NEOSPORIN)

It is said that the initial healing process  can take up to three weeks. However, the tattoo isn’t permanently set until after a years time. One secret weapon that a lot of tattoo artists wont tell you about in raw Shea butter. I use raw shea butter after my new ink has completely scabbed and peeled. I like Shea butter because it naturally repairs broken  and dry skin. this is better than cocoa butter.

Tattoos are beautiful but like anything else worth having, they require care. Please people, take care of your ink. If I continue to see such body art destroyed because of laziness, I will be forced to start calling people out by their names. This is a big pet peeve of mines. Plain and simple, take care of your ink, people.