Flowers N Flames Inc. is a natural personal care product line that is inspired by my daughter. I simply wanted to find something that would work on her Eczema.  I started with researching and learning exactly what eczema is. After I made adjustments to her diet,  I began to pay more attention to her skin and the patterns of her dryness. More importantly, I began to read the ingredients used in lotions that  I was putting on her skin. After being displeased and feeling like the products were making her condition worse, I stopped using them. I switched to shea butter. However, that wasn’t strong enough.  I did a little more digging and started experimenting with different things  in my kitchen. I found a solution that seemed to work for her.

After getting her eczema in check, I began to look at the ingredients that  was using on everything: Lip Balms, soaps, deodorants. Nothing was off limits. I wanted to know what I was exposing my family too. I learned about how animal fats and carcinogenic agents are used routinely. Something had to change. I did not want  to be a part of that anymore. This also spilled over into my love for tattoos. I learned that the lotions and soaps that I would use during the healing process were exposing me to these same toxic ingredients that I did not want in or on my body

After coming up with a solution for my daughter, I set out create other healthy alternatives to everyday toiletries. I have let a few friends try them out and I have received great feedback. I decided to incorporate this business in February of 2016. Between February of 2016 to February 2017, I have managed to attend a 15 week business course. I have produced a business plan, designed an official logo, and handled other legal aspects. Now, just short of a year later, I am ready to launch my products officially.  However, funding is now a small issue. I am confident in my products.


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