HootsuiteWhen I first heard about HootSuite, I thought it would be EVERYTHING. Theoretically, it is supposed to be… Being a busy artist and journalist orbiting Atlanta, a system that would automatically schedule and send your updates across all of social media is something that sounded like a dream. I just had to figure it out. I got one month for free to test it out. I also paid for an additional month hoping that I would actually grow to like it. I’m sad to report that I will be cancelling my service right before the month is over. HootSuite services are a joke. This is like an unforeseen bad break up. Where should I begin with my issues with Hootsuite?

All of the social media outlets do not work. Instagram is ridiculous to configure and operate. By the way,  I’m not the only person that feels this way about the IG feature. You have to go through too much just to send out a simple status post. Keep in mind, I am referring to images. Instagram needs to be simplified on Hootsuite. I also find it difficult to post things on my LinkedIn profile.  Posting to various rooms can happen IF Linkedin decides to publish my updates. The fact that I can’t even post on LinkedIn or Instagram kind of really defeats the purpose of me even having a Hootsuite. The only thing that’s consistent are the posts to my Facebook pages and Twitter. Maybe Google Plus . Actually, I take that back, Google Plus is okay to post on as well. Other frequent issues that I face with HootSuite are a lot of failure notices. It seems like sometimes I get more failures that go out than actual successful sends. That is a problem.

There aren’t any options for videos either. I find that extremely odd considering how everything is moving in the direction of video. People gravitate more towards video especially if it’s a short one. Come on y’all, get with it! Hootsuite needs video. People are nosy and they want to see… The idea of adding video to the service is a golden one. I have faith that someone in the techie world can make this happen.

HootSuite can be very useful for certain individuals and professionals. HootSuite could save you a lot of time. However with these issues it seems as though HootSuite actually takes up more time than what it saves you these days. The absence of video capabilities could become crippling to the service in my opinion.  This isn’t a diss. I want to keep a subscription without feeling like I am throwing away money. I hope they improve.