Accepting queries now. The objective is to push the envelope and get people to thinking critically. Our articles cover various topics, as well as music, TV, event, and venue reviews. We are currently accepting submissions from writers. All queries are to be submitted via the contact page at the bottom of this page.

  • Real News articles will not go beyond a 1000 word count.

We want noteworthy news that the public may not be clear on or aware of.

  • Music Reviews will range from 300 — 500 word count. Music reviews must be thorough and include your personal rating on the project reviewed. The BlaqHour scale is from 0 to 5 (5 being great, 1 being poor). Naturally, music and lyrics must both be considered when composing the review. Commercial music that qualifies are releases that have been out longer than two months. Indie music reviews can be done on projects no older than 6 months.

**This is a non-compensatory gig. Authors will receive bi-line credit for submissions, as well as links**

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