Why do black people still endorse McDonalds?


Why are black people still endorsing McDonalds? Recently,  the mega fast-food giant released a new Big Mac commercial that disturbed me. I mean, they got niggas in a drum line, dribbling basketballs, rapping, stepping, break dancing and all kinds of shit. Fast Food is NOT one of the elements of hip hop. Furthermore, I am pretty sure, any serious athlete is not consuming “all-beef” patties and special sauce before or after a game, unless if nausea and […]

True to the Code

We as people deal with one another according to unwritten rules. These “codes” and ideas  have little or nothing to do with who we truly are. These guidelines offer very little in terms of being life affirming. There are these thought processes that too many of us adhere to. We have been infected by social implants that have perverted our interactions. This approach of competition and superior/inferior has caused us to misinterpret and wrongly identify our important qualities. […]

Where ‘Giving as Good as You Get’ Goes Wrong

“Giving as good as you get” is a quality concept. When you are returning beauty and generosity, this works. When it comes to harsh words, however, this concept can be dangerous. Hurt people will hurl barbs at a target with relentless rapid fire. Anger can trigger some of the most brutal tongue lashings. In my experience, I have learned from many persons who were ‘fly at the mouth’. Silence is golden. Often times I did […]

The National Anthem: Star Spangled Slavery

The National anthem, or Star Spangled banner, beefing has captured much of our attention. Patriotism can be veiled as emotional manipulation. Many blindly align themselves to a red, white, and blue striped rag simply from symbolism. Francis Scott Key, the songwriter, observed a battle firsthand where the flag was flying. However, he was fully immersed in a war and highly charged at the time. What did he mean when he penned it? What did Francis […]

Expectations and Greater Growth

   Expectations. Some of us have none. But most don’t have awareness of the ones they have. Plenty of us have too many expectations. Sometimes our wants cloud our thoughts. There will always be needs. When deciphering between necessity and wish, things can get complicated. Life is to be lived. It’s natural to share. Yet, it takes an unbelievable amount of effort to make a shared existence happen. We didn’t think it could. But, sometimes […]

My “Nigga”, My “GOD”.

My nigga. Such fuss over a word…”Nigga” is a word I use. “Nigga” is a word I will continue to use. The talk of banning the word is an emotional argument I never understood. Sticks and stones, right? It happened in rural southern Georgia, I remember riding bikes with my cousin past the nearest house. This is on a dirt road, you know: Dusty shack raised on brick stilts and slats. A pale Klan padawan […]