It is no secret by now that I have made two different post addressing a former friend that has taken things too far. I have made that very known here on Kharma’s World. As a last resort, I felt compelled to take a stand and say something. I vented on the first post, #TRUESTORY: The stalker EXPOSED. I have since went on to write a second post after a response from “him” was made on the first post. A comment was made about my grandmother ( who hasn’t even been gone 3 years). I saw the comment and lost it. I really didn’t care about anything else until I saw the comment about my grandmothers grave. I saw that and I saw RED.

After writing the second post, I let it stay up for a few days. Everyone from my ‘hood back home saw it. I tagged… I wanted to make sure that it was seen and the message was relayed. Honestly, I SNAPPED… I feel like, I was pushed to this point. Granted, I am the one who decided to deal by venting on Kharma’s World. This is more than just a website to me. This is my expression. This is where I vent. If something is bothering me, I ALWAYS come to Kharma’s World’s world and do ME and write about it.  This is my therapy.

To be honest, all I want at the end of the day is for the post to be taken down with the understanding that: NO CONTACT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM IS MADE WITH ME AGAIN. I also want the tattoo either removed or covered. IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE. I think that this is simple and fair. Shouldn’t be too hard….  If the situation persists, I will take things a step higher. I shouldn’t have to change my number or keep blocking someone online from contacting me. My wishes should have been RESPECTED. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

Furthermore, blasting people like this ESPECIALLY in my personal life, is not the direction that Kharma’s World is supposed to go in. I do not want to gain new readers because I am flying off the handle of people. I’d rather be informing. I am normally talking about reading between lines and indie art. Me even taking the time out to write not 1 but 2 post about this is taking me away from what I love to do. This is my statement. I’d rather wash my hands of this mess ( like I tried to before) and keep it moving…