Why Feminism is utter bullshit– A Blaq Woman’s Perspective

It seems like feminism is back with a vengeance these days. Donald Trump said something about grabbing women in the pussy and it seems like all hell broke loose. One thing that I have grown to learn is that emotional reactions are never good. A rich white supremacist told the truth about how he feels about women and instead of us as black women saying, “Ok, no more counting on this system. Let’s repair our […]

An open Letter…

Today, I have to say: I absolutely love the woman that I am. What’s even better is, I am looking forward to evolve into the woman that I am destined to be. On some days, the growing pains may seem unbearable, yet I thrive. For this, I am grateful. My beautiful struggle is a glorious transition. I write this open letter from a place of strength and wisdom, a place that I never knew exist within […]