My Horrible Avis Rental Car

There is nothing worse than dealing with a company that has absolutely no interest in providing a great customer service experience. That is the least any establishment should offer its patrons. Speaking from a consumer’s perspective: If I give you my business, please have your customer service on point and honor what you say. I rented my first car ever from Avis this past holiday weekend and the experience was horrible. The weekend was projected […]

How Hootsuite needs to be improved.

When I first heard about HootSuite, I thought it would be EVERYTHING. Theoretically, it is supposed to be… Being a busy artist and journalist orbiting Atlanta, a system that would automatically schedule and send your updates across all of social media is something that sounded like a dream. I just had to figure it out. I got one month for free to test it out. I also paid for an additional month hoping that I […]

Conversation: Relationships

There is much social conversation blog talk radio stations, channels – self help and manuals, with content targeting the topic of relationships.  Women and men and what needs to change…solutions and ways…”Tune in today for the top 5 list! More advice to be given…another group to join in”. It’s informative, i get it. Yet, I would like to see more of these healthy relationships. The action of it…to view it being lived. The gurus that […]