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You ARE  Valuable is a one-of-a-kind collective of monologues from women of all different walks of life. This book contains personal excerpts from the lives of some of the most established  women  from all over the country. There are: entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Single Mothers, etc.  Nothing is mildly told or left off limits. In this book, instances dealing with things like: abuse, homelessness, suicide,  building self love, and surviving grim diagnosis from society are all explored. At the end of the day, we all have a past. The beauty of this book is captured  in the title. After overcoming demons and slaying dragons, we must realize that we are not victims. We are Valuable.

563859_10200237136953041_317577843_nEven the cover design, has a story to tell. Stacy Wilson has captured the very essence of strength and perseverance with this collection that she has put together. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. These ladies expose the very core of them with no apologies or hesitations through their vision. You must get this book. I even shared a monologue in this book entitled “A Beautiful Lie“. In my story, I talk about the lie that my daughter was conceived out of. After experience the pain of that situation, I never thought that I would be able to speak on it. The truth of the matter honestly hurt  to much. When I was presented with the opportunity to speak and share something in my life that made me feel bruised and ashamed, I knew that it was God giving me a platform to speak. This book is not about bashing the male species at all. This is all about being honest and healing.

This is deeper than just words. This book has a story for everyone. It is hard not to read through these ladies testimonies and not identify with something that is shared. All proceeds from this book goes to Stacy Wilson’s I am Valuable Organization.

I am Valuable is a n organization that is geared towards saving children who have been trafficked in the human sex trade. The headquarters for this organization is based in Atlanta, Georgia. This sweet southern metropolis is the number one hub for human sex trafficking in the world. Stacy Wilson literally found her calling one morning on the way to work. It was there while carrying on her daily routine that she rescued a girl that fell victim to this sadistic world

You ARE Valuable is a therapeutic experience in literary form. I encourage you to not only support but read this book, give it to your neighbor or girlfriend. The testimonies are way too raw and powerful not to share. What I personally love about  this book is that it is universal. Anyone can read one of these stories and identify with something. The women in this collective take it there with no apologies. This book can be purchased for less than $10.00. Ever single dollar of this book goes directly towards funding for I am Valuable mentoring organization.

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