Dear black women, please stop acting like gay men.  It is oozing out of your vernacular and mannerisms. I am bothered  at the fact that I am seeing more and more black women losing their identity. My sisters have adopted a synthetic persona. There are so many of us who walk around daily without the slightest clue to who we are. We have been fed stories that we are cursed beings who are incapable of rebuilding our communities. We stopped looking up to our own feminine reminders of strength and aspired to be like drag queens.

I see more black women that act  like Queer eye for the straight guy fashionistas than I do goddesses of the earth. It is painfully obvious in our mannerisms:




When did we become this?

Don’t get it twisted. I used to say “Yaaaaaaaasss ” with my homegirl’s all the time when this trend first started. Then I got a little bit wiser and observant. Then one day, it happened. I asked myself: Where did that even come from? How do I really sound?

My sistas you sound stupid. You are doing too much when you do not have to. We are compromising our power for free.  The ‘strong black woman’ of today  sounds like a  gay white man. We are  overtly diluting  our femininity when we are indeed the original woman. By natural law, we should not have to try so hard. The drag queen mannerisms and vernacular is killing our credibility.  In mimicking  these manners, you give away your power. Why would you open up your mouth to sound like someone that wish that they could be you? Today’s black woman goes stupid hard for the gays, so hard that you damn near become them.

Black women, we are powerful