joy-beharThe View is a talk show that I really do not like. I really haven’t watch this show since I was an adolescent and Star Jones was a permanent fixture on the panel. That was the only time I really gave this show the time of day. First off, let me say this before I even start: I cannot believe that I am writing this article. I cannot believe that the struggle for ratings and relevancy has inspired downright disrespect and rudeness. This is worse than “Watermelondrea”. What makes it worse is that these are supposed to be older (30+) more established business women. Today while I was attending to my daughter, I was sitting downstairs in the main room. In the main room we normally keep the TV on one of the lower channels automatically so The View or The Real is usually on during the 11am hour.. This is usually the first 5 channels on Television. This morning, something broke my attention away from my daughter… I happened to look up after I listened to these ladies debate about a presidential ad campaign for Ted Cruz that featured the Duck Dynasty people.

I went ahead and continued what I was doing with my daughter and then out of nowhere the most unfathomable disrespectful Uncle Tom coonery happens. Joy Behar  makes a comment that she is reading from a cue card making a joke about how black people enjoyed picking cotton during slavery. Before she could get her line completely out, Raven Simone stands over her and is like “I told you how to say it!”, “I told you that said I told you not to say it!” Then she goes and sits back down nearly on cue.  Joy Behar goes and makes this comment in front of both Raven-Simone and Whoopi Goldberg, two black women, who fail to verbally gut-punch that ass for her ignorance and disrespect. Meanwhile, the audience says “oooooo” and makes the set awkward for a moment. This is cooning-uncle-tom-fukkery at its finest. You don’t make a comparison of picking cotton and slavery to fun. That is something that my people are still psychologically dealing with. Even as a contemporary black woman, when I go back and learn more and more about the transatlantic slave trade and what slavery was like in this country, most recently the sex farms that were going on back in that day, I am beyond disgusted and as a sister, I am let down by Raven Simone’s actions and Whoopi’s silence/ lack of reaction.

I’m sorry but peacock-looking Raven Simone sitting there yelling “I told you not to say that” actually makes it even worse because she said it in a manner as if to really be saying: “Don’t piss the audience off” versus saying “That is offensive, you will piss my people off.” The bigger insult is that…she knew someone wrote that joke in her cards and nothing was done about it. Instead of getting offended and taking a stand and/or walking off you tell her “I told you not to say it” and then you go sit your ass down like a good ass little nigger. If that’s what millions of dollars will do to you… I am happy to be hoodrich as hell. This is NOT acceptable! Where are the spines of the black woman sitting on the panel.

I am disgusted on a new level. My thing is this right here freedom of speech is very real. It is a right that is being attacked daily. My thing is: say what you want to say and feel how you feel but know your boundaries. RESPECT.  Now I’m only wondering if the masses is going to catch what just happened or did we already pass this off as a “lame joke”.  Yes I am a black woman, one that has never picked cotton, however; I don’t find it funny to make fun of what my ancestors have went through. Everyone affiliated with the view down for the producers executive producers the on-air talent even the camera man needs a serious reality check.