A man behaves a certain way when he has a worthy woman in his life. Once he has this exposure, the growth will show. This will lead to a change. Life will never be the same. There is so much we can attain. Many view the deferring to a woman’s wishes as weak. Being the quality complement is key. Proper understanding of a woman’s energy is wisdom. Learning to work with the ebb and flow of a WO man and her emotions is important. It is same as the flow of sexual stroke. Yet, there is so much more to gain when focused on the totality. There is a lot of power in interacting openly with the feminine. Even in regards to friendships. It is an infinitely profitable exchange. There are limits physically.

Submission is not weakness. The rising and falling tide of the womb vibe is like an ocean. Rolling with comparable consistency. We gotta go with the flow. Be malleable. Be able to bend. To reach the optimum peak, “Be water, my friend.” As said by Bruce Lee. Do we fully grasp the wetness that gets so much attention? Men magnify the moisture but have to be able to match the energy. Our character can take the shape of discerning compassion. Or whatever form is required from the vessel that receives us. Whatever we need to be to maintain harmony. Keep the connection. Remain stimulated. We can meet each other halfway. Saturate your soul with the same sensation you crave when you are inside. Apply it to your life. How you listen and how you work. Its an asset to our arsenal. Its where your word and will merge. Its our ointment and elixir. Wealth delivered from Divine rivers. This is one of the foundations of family functionality. Femininity is often interpreted as fallacy. Get in touch with the TRUTH of it. It can be the best weapon and an impenetrable defense. In its purity, its strength. The most humble and most vicious of all elements.