It seems like feminism is back with a vengeance these days. Donald Trump said something about grabbing women in the pussy and it seems like all hell broke loose. One thing that I have grown to learn is that emotional reactions are never good. A rich white supremacist told the truth about his feelings on women.  Instead of us as black women saying, “Ok, no more counting on this system. Let’s repair our nation and build”, we make picket signs and flood the streets in an attempt to…. do what? Take more time away from building our nation and working towards our own healing.

Donald Trump’s comments have sparked a false “sisterhood solidarity” that has nothing to do with black women really. Yet, the public slaughtering of our own people under the Obama era hasn’t inspired us enough to reexamine the plight of elders such as Marcus Garvey. We are still not willing to learn about strongholds such as Black wall street, Raleigh Durham, The Sweet Auburn District, and Rosewood. They told us that we cannot come together for our greater good and we believe them without even trying. I am all for standing together. Righteous empowerment can be a beautiful thing. Women’s empowerment is great. However, feminism has no business in our culture.

As a Blaq woman, I cannot sit back and march anyone’s streets in the name of “sisterhood solidarity” when the burning question of: “What about Sandra Bland and Kendra Chapman?” looms in the back of my head. Did they die in vain? If a white man saying something about grabbing women in the pussy causes this much outrage, then… Sandra and Kendra’s murders, mean absolutely nothing.  I am highly insulted. In addition, I hold the sentiment that no original woman should partake in this planned demonstration. We should side with our men and work on rebuilding the same communities that law enforcement officers terrorize and invade.

Black Feminism is nothing but a tool created to further divide the black family unit.  Equally important, feminism picks up where slavery and cointelpro left off. Instead of love and solidarity in our unions and homes, we as women have chosen to lend our power and strength to a movement that has absolutely nothing to do with us. Feminism is a white woman’s fight (that dates black to slavery) and black feminism is a joke. It is a joke that we somehow have conned ourselves into believing it is necessary to our growth and development as individuals. What about the nation?

Excerpt from the Willie Lynch Papers:


We breed two n-word males with two n-word females. Then we take the n-word male away from them and keep them moving and working. Say one n-word female bears a n-word female and the other bears a n-word male. Both n-word females being without influence of the n-word male image, frozen with a independent psychology, will raise their offspring into reverse positions. The one with the female offspring will teach her to be like herself, independent and negotiable (we negotiate with her, through her, by her, negotiates her at will). The one with the n-word male offspring, she being frozen subconscious fear for his life, will raise him to be mentally dependent and weak, but physically strong, in other words, body over mind. Now in a few years when these two offspring’s become fertile for early reproduction we will mate and breed them and continue the cycle. That is good, sound, and long range comprehensive planning.

–Read the complete Willie Lynch Papers here


The goal from day one was to break us, separate us, and dehumanize us. If you can destroy the black family unit, you can easily conquer the nation. Remember the days we were openly referred to as property. Our people were treated like cattle.


To my people. Stop standing up for everyone else.

Can we get back to us?  Quit letting these painfully obvious diversion tactics tear us away from our nation.  Why haven’t we stopped taking the leftover rights and blind successes and internalizing them as if they really mean something for us?  Our nation is dying. We have strayed far from the principles that we lived by during the Black Panther Party (BPP) days. the Black Panther movement showed how strong the blaq unit is naturally.  How did we end up here? How did we make it to a place where we react so violently to a white man’s words?    By the same token, we do next to nothing when sisters are murdered. It seems like sista’s are quick to avenge white women and not your own.

Feminism as a whole is a lie. Stop feeding into it. It is past due time that we revitalize our neighborhoods and return to nation building