Why are black people still endorsing McDonalds? Recently,  the mega fast-food giant released a new Big Mac commercial that disturbed me. I mean, they got niggas in a drum line, dribbling basketballs, rapping, stepping, break dancing and all kinds of shit. Fast Food is NOT one of the elements of hip hop. Furthermore, I am pretty sure, any serious athlete is not consuming “all-beef” patties and special sauce before or after a game, unless if nausea and vomiting  is some unknown performance enhancer.

When viewing any form of TV programming, the bombardment of commercials  is a guarantee. What is obvious to me, is the amount of products that have ‘black folk’ as the target market. Witnessing such fuckery led me to think. What if colored people refused to lend their talents and energy to that kind of nonsense? No marketing, no actors, no extras, no auditions; Just refuse to participate in any advertisement for food that most of us don’t really eat. No more backflips and headspins to attract the attention of the urban class they want to kill with that shit they call “food”.

Y’all have seen Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me”. McDonald’s Food WILL KILL YOU, literally. Yet we got commercials perpetrating like it’s something niggas get HYPE over.  We gotta hit ’em in the pockets, people. So as we eliminate the poisons from our diet, let’s try not to sell it simply for a check.

What would they do then; If not one Negro was willing to take a role spitting lines lying about some dollar menu being delicious? As a matter of fact, McDonald’s seems to focus on black celebrities is overdose. Burger King doesn’t have a sample of BET programming every time they roll out a new sandwich. Taco Bell doesn’t discriminate when dishing out their questionable combos. Something to think about.

Let’s not lead our babies to foul bowels and rotten guts. Ain’t shit ‘hip’ or attractive about any McDish. McDonald’s is not our culture. Stop being used. We are more than images for corporate branding.