Whenever I think of “Legendary girl groups” TLC is always in the top 5 somewhere around The Supremes and Destiny’s Child. They were the ultimate blend of talent, beauty, consciousness, and originality. We watched them burst onto the music scene bubbly-eyed and green in the early 90’s. Throughout their stent in the music industry,we have witnessed them transition from¬† little girls to grown women. They did this all while battling abuse, raging tempers, conflict, bankruptcy, illness, and at times, public humiliation.¬† This group had a little bit of everything. Plain and simple, they were CrazySexyCool.

VH1 decided to partner up with the last two remaining ladies (T-Boz and Chilli) to tell the story of how this girl group got to be. They have casted: Drew Sidora (T-Boz), Keke Palmer (Chili) and Lil Mama to play the late Left Eye. Since the production of this movie began last year in Atlanta, there has been a silent increase of anticipation to see what this movie is all about. This movie will be premiering on VH1 in October of 2013. The ladies capture not only the natural look but the spirit of TLC. Watching the trailer will give you chill bumps. Check it out:

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