We as people deal with one another according to unwritten rules. These “codes” and ideas  have little or nothing to do with who we truly are. These guidelines offer very little in terms of being life affirming. There are these thought processes that too many of us adhere to. We have been infected by social implants that have perverted our interactions. This approach of competition and superior/inferior has caused us to misinterpret and wrongly identify our important qualities.

 Those actions or attitudes that encourage true and balanced unity are viewed as less than an accomplishment. A choice to Love, honestly, totally, and selflessly, is one some consider weak. When the work of community is the concern, there has to be a different standard.

“Bros before hoes, Money over Bitches…Niggas ain’t shit…I don’t need a man…Fuck Niggas…I’m getting me a white man…”


These mottos of maintaining reveal a lot of limitations. There is a way to create success, wish others the best, and work for the greater good. Men and women are more loyal to empty ideals and low vibration vitriol. Supreme truth is not respected. This has led to severely misconstrued meanings about what is really real.


Love conquers all…Love never fails…two heads are better than one. Time honored sayings and approaches to life…


Some people suffer severe blows to the ego if you don’t side with them.  We need to be clear about who is standing in the ‘right’. We must honor our worthy and deserving women. As men, it is our duty to protect the mothers of civilization. Forming strong friendships and families, and good ‘ol honesty is our responsibility.


Example: If you are looking at someone you choose to work and share time with as a “game” to be played, you’re already in the wrong. At the same time, if u subscribe to game,  you have to know when to “charge it” to said game.


We are brothers and sisters first. The pursuit of ways to misuse our relatives is insane. Any anger attached to a failure in that, is indicative of a highly disturbed mental, as well. The ability and efforts of original women and men to form functional unions should be celebrated. Yet, our self hate, and subsequent attachment to fuckery, has led to immense shade thrown at authentic interests in relationship success.


Now is where I come clean and be clear.


I was introduced to a business situation where I was prepared to work closely with a young sista. Her expertise was web development and mine  was  marketing. I put my usual “for the greater good” effort into the collaboration. She and I were colleagues. We put our heads together to benefit a mutual friend with his production company. At this point I was made aware of the “romantic” history that had been shared between them.


Our exchange provided immediate results. Inspiration was readily available. It was apparent that my colleague and I made a formidable duo. The mutual friend shared his thoughts about her abilities. He also expressed concerns about her emotional state. Viewing the vibes from a “family” standpoint, I sought to make myself available as a quality sounding board. The Queen and I connected on a total level. While this was taking place, I became aware of a present “romance” that my two business partners were participating in.


Once I was hip to the dynamics, I focused on being a friend to both of them. It was obvious that any emotional investment would not work. Soon after, the sister separated herself from the business and any dealings with our mutual friend. But, he and I continued to work.


Fast forward…the young lady became my confidant. We maximized our connection and created a union. Initially we had the ‘blessing’ of our mutual associate. He said he was happy for us. However, things suddenly changed. Our former team member launched a relentless attack.  He threatened verbally and emotionally; with gun violence and otherwise.   After this former mutual friend served a brief jail term, the ‘attack’ has continued. Upon his release, he recorded a diss track. Individuals who spread lies, rumors and gossip are enemies of the people.  We will not tolerate those who torment women and children.


He said I broke the ‘code’. He accused us of stealing ideas. We chose to invest in the union of woman and man. We chose to work at becoming a functional family. Our decision was met with exceptional hate. This coming from a former friend. I committed the ‘crime’ of choosing a ‘bitch’ over ‘business’.
This young man rolled up on a young mothers house, where she had been staying with her two year old daughter, with a gun.


Where, in any code, is this type of behavior acceptable? Thug Life says leave women and children out of street beefs. The ‘Black Code’ upholds the protection of the community as a family. So what part of the game was this?


  The narcissism witnessed in those close to poverty is amazing.   Colonized souls display traits of their oppressor.  Those persons, who develop this mental illness of narcissism, are a danger to family, friend, and hood alike.


The state of the native family matters. Solid unions will improve quality of life in our communities. Our planet as a whole benefits from a strengthened village. Yet, disturbed, no count niggas, don’t consider  wholesome choices.


Our conditioning  has us twisted..  Many believe working at quality relationships, with the opposite sex, is not good business. Shit, the MAFIA is Mothers And Fathers In Action. Mafia activities, regardless of how ‘street’, originated as a means to strengthen and provide for families. Where is the honor in hating on healthy choices? Or slandering the brothers and sisters one has befriended? Talking bad about genuine commitments to nation building is a disgrace. This is an example of self hate.


Activist, revolutionaries, and scholars have given plenty of principles that work as positive guidance. There are creeds that have approved as reinforcements of our Afrikan ubuntu tradition. However, there has been much confusion. It is time that we reestablish and redefine the standard for our interactions.

 Its time to be clear about who is fulfilling purpose and who is afflicted by hatred and fear.