The Trans community does NOT play… The world has been hating little Duval and Power 105’s The Breakfast Club for the past few days now. The hatred actually started this past Friday, July 28th 2017 when Duval was on The Breakfast Club being interviewed. They were already there talking to him about an upcoming show that he had at New York’s famous Caroline’s on Broadway. Somehow during the interview they ended up talking about the trans community. Lil Duval spoke his mind and all hell broke loose.

The topic of conversation switched to: “What would you do if you were dating a woman and you find out that they were trans later and they did not tell you in the beginning?” Lil Duval basically said to be honest with you, I’d probably be in shock so much to the point where I’d probably kill that person. He then stated that that was “psychological damage.” The world has been going in on Lil Duval ever since.

My question is is this a trans-phobic statement or is it simply the truth?  Absolute shock will have u messed up. How many times have we seen similar stories like that play out in the news? I could not imagine being a straight man today with all of this trans-culture going on super heavy. Especially when it seems like straight men are being both targeted and being encouraged to date trans. It’s hard enough being a woman and understanding and accepting it for what it is, is he really wrong to state how he truly feels: He would probably be in shock and snap. It was an honest response. He did not say, “trans people must die” or that they were an abomination or anything like that. It is wrong to not share a huge part of your life like that with someone you are interested in. He simply answered the question from his perspective.

This is just like the situation that happened a few years ago where a woman had HIV/AIDS and she did not disclose her status to her partner. In a rage, her partner actually went and killed her. That could have been prevented has she said something in the beginning, giving him the right to choose if he wanted to continue to pursue her or not knowing of her status.  Lil Duval was basically saying the same thing: You cannot be mad if someone snaps when you are dishonest like that. He compared it to rape. There are some things that you must let you partner know. We all must be sexually and socially responsible when dealing with our partners.

Again… Lil Duval did not advocate the killing of trans people. He did not say that they deserve to die… Why exactly the outrage and demanding of a fake apology from this man? Furthermore, why the backlash to the breakfast club? That’s the part that I really do not understand. The show is just an urban public platform that does not discriminate against anybody including the LGBT community.

We as people have  become overly sensitive yet desensitized and senseless at the same time.   It’s almost like people are so ready to be angry and have a reason to go off that they automatically start off arguing  and scream “protest” or “boycott” (which never really happens, people of the 21st century are either too lazy or to put in the work of an active protest or they are moving backwards with the idea of what that is.. That is another article waiting to be written). People hear what they want to, which is not always the truth or facts.

I stand by Lil Duval on this one.


People see me how they wanna see me. My life and career is a perfect example. The only reason I even started the podcast was for my sister to have a voice and help others understand we can have different views and still love each other. But somehow everybody ignored it. And @rolanda_show don’t ever feel like u have to speak up for me again. I can take all this shit I was built for it. U don’t need to catch no heat cuz of me. I love u and will die for u and Ronise

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