YOU STILL showed up. You still patronized. You STILL tuned in… Most of all, you STILL cheered on your favorite team. Where in the hell was the NFL boycott at? I’m confused. Locking arms with hypocrites, kneeling on one knee… two knees, bowing your head, cursing out Donald Trump did what? Hiding in the locker room is NOT a damn boycott. Wearing Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey on football Sunday is Not an active protest. This doesn’t even make sense.


This shit is a maddening trend of insanity that has to stop. This is counterproductive… Being “woke” is the new sexy regardless of how crusty your eyes may be. Woke went from being a cultural phenomenon to a popular cool kid’s initiation. If you are “woke” you can sit with us in the lunch room. If you can say names like Project Blue Beam, CERN, and FEMA camps;, you get a “pass”. If you pump your fist and can quote a line from Gil Scott Heron, then you’re “alright”. Don’t forget the Huey Newton t-shirt and whipped shea butter. You can eat all the dead carcasses, and run through as many people as u want sexually as long as you can say “Ashe” or  “namaste”.




Watching people praise folks for “protesting” on this particular day pissed me OFF. I couldn’t help but think: Why this Sunday (9/24/17)? Everyone is too busy kneeling… Yet, we aren’t even thinking about PUERTO RICO… Everyone is too busy being “woke” and making their revolutionary contribution to “the cause” on bended knee. No one has dared to exit their comfort zone really… No one has even mentioned Kap and the fact that everyone is jacking his move just to look “down”. This was not a boycott. This was a “monkey see, monkey do” move. Plain and simple.


people began to put their own spin on a simple kneel and cheapened the meaning behind what Kap was doing.  I saw one person on Colin-Kaepernickboth of his knees with his hand over his heart, still saluting the song… I looked at the television screen and asked… “OH no baby… What is you doin?!” I was more disturbed at how Rico Lavelle sang the national anthem. He sang super hard as hell and then, he kneeled while holding the longest note ever. I’m talking: longer than Whitney Houston in the windbreaker with the curls. Now, you know that was long. What made it so bad was not only did he kneel at the very end, the pandemonium received by the gesture was a slap in the face. Rico sang that song like tomorrow was never going to come. That was worse than watching the little black boys that appeared to be only a few years younger than Tamir Rice, proudly waving American flags in the background.  Nobody seemed to notice that though. The crowd went STUPID WILD and then they played ball….  Again, where was the protest?


It seems like all this protesting is only. Attracting extra attention to an institution that has always been cold n callous to us.


Rico Lavelle

At the end of the day, this is PR 101. You take a story that is controversial and generating conversation. You completely take over it. You guide and direct how the conversation will go and you turn it into a national spectacle. You play on everyone’s emotions on both sides of the matter and the next thing you know, people are picking sides and participating in the game.
Meanwhile… Puerto Rico, a part of US territory, has been completely demolished and is destined to become a hotbed of tourist attractions in the next coming decade… But we’re too busy kneeling…