GMO“GMO” is an acronym that we are slowly but surely beginning to see and hear more and more as time progresses. We see it on some of our food packaging. Things like, “Non- GMO ingredients” on some packaging is enough to make even the most nonchalant and absent-minded people question: What is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and are they harmful to your health?

Let’s break down the term in “regular talk” first.  “Genetically Modified Organism”.  An organism is defined as: Any living thing.  When you “modify” something, you are making changes to it. The word “Genetics” lets you know that this is deeply concentrated in the area of science— DNA. Your genetics today can tell you a lot about the potential future for your bloodline as well as the past history. When you put it all together, A Genetically Modified Organism is: Any living thing whose genetics (DNA) have been tampered with through science. You can’t help but ask: Why would someone want to alter any organism’s natural genetics?

There is a war going on with our food. Both our meat and plants have been genetically altered making them nutritionally useless and now seemingly harmful. Food has literally become a television prop. The vegetation has been genetically modified in several ways. One being, the germination process has been altered.  You now have two different types of seeds: heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds. Heirloom seeds are the seeds that produce more seeds and will replenish itself. A hybrid seed will only produce life one time. After that, it is useless.  When you think about it, one of the first lessons that we learn when we are little is that all life comes from a seed. Humans, plants, animals; we all start off as a seed. So… What is seedless fruit? How can seedless watermelon or seedless grapes be possible? Genetic modification. Certain foods grow during certain seasons. Now because of Genetic modification, you have eat any food your want any season.  This isn’t natural.

I don’t remember the cancer rate being this high in the 90’s and that wasn’t that long ago. Since all of this “fake food” has been put out on the market, the cancer rates seem to be skyrocketing. Even the rare cancers that society has never even heard of are beginning to be a regular occurrence now. That is not a coincidence.  More babies are born with birth defects and behavioral issues as well and Children are physically developing and physically maturing too fast. What in the world is going on? When we began to rely more on industry to feed us vs. working to grow our own food. The people relinquished some of their power. You are what you eat. When you grow your own, you have a deeper appreciation for what you eat and a sense of pride. You know what has gone into growing that food.  Flash forward to modern days and we patronize our grocery stores first before we never think to grow our own.  “Farming”or “gardening” seems archaic. The majority of us couldn’t kill or grow the majority of the food that we eat. We are literally relying on someone to feed us. Somehow this is logical…

The meat industry has been feeding their livestock some sort of diet that is normally not recommended for that particular animal (example: cornfeed. Nearly all corn is genetically modified today.) Meanwhile, they are pumping the animals up with all of these steroids and antibiotics that making the livestock grow and develop at alarming rates that is unnatural. What they don’t tell you is that the livestock itself normally gets sick and/or is physically deformed. Often times, their bodies aren’t equipped to handle rapid growth at such an alarming rate. Our livestock grows in a depressed and “slave-like” state. You don’t think that that affect humans when we consume this livestock. Chicken breast used to be small, now, when you walk into the market to purchase a pack of chicken breast the breast are larger than life. Chicken should never wear a D cup… This article is just the tip of the iceberg. Just answer the question: What is a genetically Modified Organism (GMO) has opened the door to so many things like: What are the long term effects of eating GMO products? Why is our government allowing this? How did the food industry get to be this way? It only gets deeper. The GMO Truth: The Monsanto Corporation coming soon.